25/11/2016: Swiss Institute of Feed Technology awards diplomas to 14 graduates

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25/11/2016: Swiss Institute of Feed Technology awards diplomas to 14 graduates
Fourteen students from three countries have been awarded the coveted diploma of the renowned Swiss Institute of Feed Technology (SFT) in Uzwil, Switzerland. 

The 34th Specialist Course in Feed Manufacturing Technology was presented in German. 

A student from Switzerland received top honours. The SFT recently celebrated the accomplishments of 13 men and one woman after successfully completing the 34th Specialist Course. 
The 14 successful students of the 34th specialist course 
infeed manufacturing technology with their instructors and the
managing committee of the Swiss Instritute of FeedTechnology (SFT)

SFT Director Daniel Müller recognised the graduates for accepting the Institute’s higher challenge during an award ceremony following an intensive ten-month training. 

He also recognised Maike Junker (Bühler AG, Uzwil, Switzerland), the tenth woman in the Institute’s history to successfully complete the course. “These students are now equipped with knowledge that will enable them to meet the highest standards in feed production,” said Müller. 

“They’ve mastered the requirements of a long tradition of instruction in engineering and this will enhance their contributions to the industry. We’re especially proud of Maike Junker and hope that she will inspire more women to consider this career training.” 

Reaching the top 
Following an intense ten-month period of training, Daniel Müller presented the graduates of this year’s course their Diplomas, qualifying them as Feed Production Engineers or confirming their attendance of the course. 

In his entertaining address, Daniel Müller emphasised the high significance of training and continuing education. 

He expressed his admiration for the students’ decision to go back to school: “By making this far-reaching decision, you took up a challenge that you have now successfully met. Today, you have reached the top. With the knowledge you have acquired and your great commitment, you now have the right instruments available to satisfy the rigorous requirements of safe and economical animal feed production.” 

He said that the goal was on the one hand to meet consumers’ needs for hygienic feeds that are safe for humans and animals alike. 

On the other hand, he said that companies were increasingly facing the challenge of producing and marketing feeds more efficiently and especially more responsibly while meeting legal regulations and directives. 

Swiss student receives best in class 
Each year, the SFT recognises one student with the highest score. This year the distinction went to Eric Droz, employed by Albert Lehmann Bioprodukte AG in Gossau, Switzerland. 

He achieved 5.63 out of a total of 6 completion points. German Maike Junker took second place. 

The program schedule 
The Feed Production Engineer Diploma course starts with a 15-week preparatory correspondence course followed by a four-week intensive course in Uzwil. 

A second block 15-week correspondence course follows, with the final intensive training again in Uzwil. Students work through 21 subject areas and must pass 14 written exams. 

The highlight and completion of each block are two verbal examinations in the core subjects in front of a panel of experts. The next training program will begin in January, 2018. 

This will be the 35th Specialist Course in Feed Manufacturing Technology and the working language will be English.

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