Trouw Nutrition launches global validation programme to accelerate technology transfer

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Trouw Nutrition launches global validation programme to accelerate technology transfer
Validation centres have been established on five continents, where Trouw Nutrition R&D is collaborating with leading universities and regional science partners. 
Trouw NutritionNutreco’s animal nutrition division, has launched a global validation programme to demonstrate the effectiveness of its nutritional solutions in different geographies and market places. 
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The validation of products in regional markets is important to accelerate the transfer of best practices from one market to the other. 

The initial focus of the programme is on feed additives, animal health supporting products and young animal feed. 

“We develop new products, models and service tools at our global research centres. But a proof of concept is important. Application knowledge taking into account local conditions, such as climate and farming practices, is a critical success factor of many innovations we develop,” says Leo den Hartog, director Trouw Nutrition R&D. 

“A good example is our blended feed additive solutions. Validation studies in different regions have already shown that similar performance responses can be obtained compared to antimicrobial growth promoters.’’ 

Global research scope 
The validation teams are based in Asia-Pacific, Brazil, China, Europe and North America. Research proposals are set up in close collaboration with universities, research institutes and key customers in the respective regions. Based on standardised protocols, the teams will execute validation trials of nutritional solutions that have been developed in the five research centres that Trouw Nutrition operates in the Netherlands, Canada and Spain.

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